Vintage 2019 update - Jackson Brooke, Henty, Victoria

Jackson Brooke of Jackson Brooke Wine was the first winemaker to join us in The Wine Loop last year. We checked in to find out how vintage '19 turned out in the Henty region of Victoria...

Q. How was Vintage 2019 for the region? And how was it for you personally?!

A.Vintage 19 was an interesting one in the region, like most of the state it was hot and very dry, but through late March and early April it cooled and the vines held on to keep ripening.

Some producers had very small crops, however the vineyards I source most of my fruit from had terrific yields and high quality. So personally I have grown again and crushed my largest volumes ever. The wines all look fantastic at this stage and I’m looking forward to an exciting 2019 release.

Q. What was the biggest surprise and the biggest challenge?

A. The quality of the Syrah was probably the biggest surprise. There are a number of reasons why but I’ll just say that in their second year only of vineyard management Henty Estate produced some amazing fruit.

As for challenges, we had a broken press in the middle of harvest. I was only minimally affected with some Chardonnay that needed to stay in the fridge an extra night, but coming to a quick and pain free solution took some thought and effort.

Q. Any firsts emerging from the vintage ‘19 Jackson Brooke wine line-up?

A. I’m very pleased to say yes, there will be a first. As you know the Rosé is made from Pinot Meunier. This year I managed to buy additional Meunier and have made red wine! So whilst no Pinot Noir was made in 2019, I have a first vintage of Pinot Meunier, red. It looks really good too!!

Jackson will be back in The Wine Loop later this year – watch this space for the date coming soon!!

Karen Foster