Welcoming our first Tasmanian winemaker to The Wine Loop, Saturday 15th June!

Have questions about the world of winemaking you'd love to chat to a winemaker about? Join us for our next up-close-and-personal experience in The Wine Loop with Greer Carland, of Quiet Mutiny and Laurel Bank in Tasmania.

Over a relaxed Saturday lunch, and with just twelve seats as at the table, guests get to drive the conversation agenda as Greer brings you into the inner circle on a life of wine. With a wine line up inspired by a convict woman named Charlotte Badger, whom on transportation to Van Diemen’s Land incited a mutiny, there’ll be plenty to talk about!

With a specialism in Riesling and Pinot Noir, Quiet Mutiny wines are made using simple and traditional winemaking practices with the ultimate goal of producing delicious wines that express place, purity and passion. Join Greer over a 5-course lunch crafted by Chris Dyer, Head Chef at L'Hotel Gitan, Prahran. Chris will also be popping in to share his thoughts!

Book now for a unique afternoon of great wine, great food - and great conversation.
12 noon- 4pm, Saturday 15th June, L'Hotel Gitan, Prahran.

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Karen Foster